A Seed into the World of Game Design

My dream is simple… yet might take some time to get around. I dream big, yet prove to be a dedicated worker towards this field. VIDEO GAMES.

So! Thank you guys for reading this… haven’t been here in a while, huh? Truth is, life has been ROUGH. I’m hanging in there and remaining positive. Despite all the Contra(game reference), I managed to buy myself a whole bunch of computer parts! During the [little] break I had, LIFE had me thinking the particular question, WHY? I want to be a game designer so bad, but inevitably had nowhere to start. I came up with great ideas, yet couldn’t MAKE them into something. My father’s iMac was from 2008, working off of 2004 hardware, yuck! From that little piece right there, you can guess right off of the bat how hard the struggle was to run a 2014 and 2015 program on. I’m talking UE4(Unreal Engine 4). I want to work with 3 major things, UE4, Unity 3D, and Maya 2015, seeing as Game Design likes to focus on these major areas of development. The issue was the iMac. The GPU, which by the way UE4 heavily depended on, was severely old. Because the card wasn’t “recent” should I say, it LITERALLY took 5 min. to render 1 click. Ticked off? Heh…. Let’s just say I closed the program and crashed it too many times to count.

Either way, I’ve finally gotten a computer I’ve built by hand. I plan to start working on Game Ideas IMMEDIATELY. I know that this will take some time seeing as Games themselves usually take, by yourself, years to make. Let’s just hope I’ll have a playable Demo within a few months… BUT in the meantime, I would like to discuss those ideas… SO if you guys, the people reading this, could comment on my future post of my ideas, that’d be GREATLY APPRIECIATED. This is what I’m dead set on… so… without further ado…. LET’S GAME ON.


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