Women in a new light.

Now don’t get me mistaken here, I like women with curves just like any other guy but I’m one to consider your personality first. Why is it when us, guys, “look” we find ourselves searching for the most beautiful woman? I think it’s partially because we don’t want to “stoop that low” to where we would only go for the best and nothing but the best. Then again all men have different tastes. I have a certain taste too but I find that I rely on the personality a lot more. Say for example, you meet a certain person who’s attractive on the outside. However, when you begin to date the person they seem a bit too much immature(etc.) on the inside. What do you do then? Basically you’re forced to not go on another date with that person because all you saw were their looks. I see that as a problem. I find the fact that guys in general just pay attention to what’s least important very stupid. Yeah, maybe the first thing we see is your looks but do you have a personality to back that up? We really need to straighten up. Well…not really “we”… more like they. I still ticks me off though. I’m pretty sure girls feel the same way. It wouldn’t be surprising. I think I have a challenge for you girls though… Wear no makeup at all for an entire day. See if the guys look at you the same way. If they still approach you, there might be a possibility that they’re relying on the fact that you might have a good personality. Hell if we(men) all did it, no one would be subject to judgement.

Guys(men)…try to look deeper than what meets the eye. There’s only so much to see but so much more in the personality of a person.

Girls(women)…please don’t blame us for our natural sinful behavior. It’s only human to do so. Besides that, maybe one day you’ll find that guy that won’t really care about the outside. It’s the inside that counts.


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