Coming to Fruition

Plans aren’t easy to achieve all the time. We’ve all experienced this one way or another… There’s ups and downs no matter what you do and how you do it. I recently had a touching experience that relayed some undying faith into me. Most of you might know that I’m in college and when it comes to college, it’s HARD. It’s no joke but like some people…I messed up last semester. In spring, I somehow just FAILED completely. For the next semester I was supposed to just wait or pay out of pocket because my GPA was too low for anything. Financial Aid said they couldn’t do anything and my FASFA, like always, was denied. Immediately after the talk with financial aid, I prayed from the bottom of my heart. Most people would get a job or something but I… I wasn’t allowed to at the time. Money was an issue. I had nobody else to fall on…but then…a miracle. I was allowed 2 classes free! Right after I prayed this happened?! WHY? AND HOW!? It’s no coincidence…God did it. I then went and asked myself what do I want? The plan originally was:
1. Go to college for business.
2. Get Bachelor’s degree.
3. Get a job.
Now it’s switched!
1. Go to college for Game Design.
2. Get BA or MA.
3. Go to California.
4. Get a job.
All I did was consider my hobbies and what I like to do. I think everyone should do this. Don’t waste your time taking numerous classes just to figure yourself out…Look deeply within yourself and consider what you like, want, and need. Anyways, I went and changed my degree based on what I wanted, not what my parents wanted. I knew I liked business but what type of business? I liked international business. Well what international business do I like???? Stuck. It lead to dead ends. Even sitting inside Macroeconomics bored me. I knew something was wrong. I ended up not being passionate enough about business but started to lean more towards my previous habits…Art and Gaming. I decided to go change my major and take classes related to gaming. I even started getting A’s and B’s out of nowhere!!! What a comeback?! I prayed that God would help me and set me on the right path and so far…it’s been amazing. HE’S AMAZING.

Anyways, I hope you guys get something out of this. My plan is coming to fruition, but what about yours? Tell me in the comments…


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