The Best Saying in the World

Ever heard the saying, “Everything happens for a reason?” Well this scene in Hereafter, a movie, leads me to believe in this theory of some sort. If you ever saw it (and if you havent, please do) then there is a part in the movie where the boy is getting ready to head onto the train and his hat flies off. What’s really interesting is that it keeps moving farther and farther away from the train. He grabs his hat and proceeds to get on the train but is too late. The train leaves…shortly after its departure, it explodes. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Even though this was a scene from a movie…I felt a big chill. Regardless of the fact that it was a movie, the truth was there. The fact that everything happens for a reason was implied. I’m not sure if they were targeting this idea when creating this movie but it sure seemed like it! Anyways, we experience this everyday and we don’t realize it. Heck I didn’t even take notice of it until now! But now I know…this is real. Look at all your past experiences. Finally got that job you wanted? Why? How? Finally passed that class you needed? Why and how? Found that special someone? Why and how? Its all basically cause and effect. But then again sometimes it doesn’t explain why some things happen spontaneously. That’s what we have to figure out along with our purpose in this world and many other things. So what do you think…do you find that everything happens for a reason or…?


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