Deja-Vu, you too?

I’ve done this before. Ever captured yourself saying that? Well this thing called Deja-Vu is the product of that(no duh!) The only problem I find with deja-vu is the question of what purpose does it serve us? Close to none, right? Wrong. The fact is inevitable that it might mean something. There’s a reason behind it that we don’t understand but my guess is that its a preview or warning of some sort. No matter how many times we go through it…there are possibilities to avoid those outcomes. I have been in several situations where I know something is going to happen (bad) and I did something different to alter that “vision”. Its weird of course, but it gives off the idea that YOU can change your future. So what exactly is Deja-Vu’s purpose? To put it a simple hypothesis… my guess is that its a gift from our ancestors to predict future events and alter time and space. Its quite the wild card and makes all the difference in the world once you know its going to happen. Everyone has it, but some people care less. However, if we begin to look at this at a deeper level we begin to understand that nothing isn’t possible. We can change ANTHING and EVERYTHING. But then again…I want to see what you think, do you think Deja-Vu serves an ultimate purpose?


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