The Apocalypse….


Of course I had to just come across this pic at one point and time because its just too darn funny… but what I want to talk about is the apocalypse. What ever happened to all the ranting about “Its coming! 12/12/12! Its the end of the world!”? Its been 2 years since this was last discussed but I want to bring it up again. Are we even scared or prepared for the future? All this talk about aliens and retribution from God. It all sounds like….bullcrap. We don’t EXACTLY know what will happen but its funny how we have [the balls] to predict the future even though its just a hypothesis. We guess and we THINK we know. But where is all the preparation and why is it a secret? Don’t we have the liberty of knowing what our governments are doing? So why is it secret? We all know about Area 51 and you know what….its no surprise that we have guests coming to our planet. Its bountiful in a way indescribable. Aliens are EXTRAterrestrial so automatically they want to experiment just like humans (my opinion). But back to the point….we need to be prepared. There have been countless movies with great recommendations like boats and planes. We may have smaller versions now but what if we were to extend them? Maybe even build another planet perhaps???? I’ve heard that there’s been some poll about forming a DeathStar like from Star Wars. And you know what I think? Its freaking GENIUS! It’d be a safe place to return to if we have to resort to spacial measures. Why not start now? Well its already been taken into consideration by the government but the costs are extraterrestrial itself? But keep in mind that’s only with our government paying for it. There are thousands [of governments] all over the world….enough to generate that money in order to make this product. Its smart. Instead we waste our time just sitting here thinking about what will happen tomorrow. But I want to see what you think, should we be prepared? Or? So many unanswered questions, huh?


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