Brains!!!! Ah….the good ol’ days when zombies were brain eaters. What happened to them? Evolution. Just like anything else in this world….zombies evolved from brain eaters to….well….flesh eaters. The Walking Dead is known to put some emphasis on this because they show you how detailed the zombie is. If you notice…. most zombies are bitten or torn somewhere else. Very few have shown their heads wide open and their brains exposed so its easy to conclude that the “old” zombies are not desired anymore. However, a true zombie fan would say different. I believe if we were to try that brain eating again it would appeal to more people seeing as it relates to somewhere around the 90’s or so. The memories incorporated there would be brought up again and maybe even movies such as Frankenstein might be remade(even thought the classic is the best). Who wouldn’t like to experience the zombie that started it all?


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