Dreams of the Subconscious

I had a dream last night and you probably did too but can you remember it exactly the way it presented itself? Probably not but sometimes we can. Surprising enough, we can recall even the smallest of details from that specific dream. But I’m here to question is us that controls the dream or our subconscious??? We all have had those moments where we woke up from a bad dream or something but we didn’t want it to happen. It just sort of popped up. So could it be that it subconsciously happened or…? Usually when we wake up from a nightmare, there’s no sign of an outward force that caused us to dream up something so awful. However, as shown in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, the mind is constantly thinking and when put to sleep, subconsciously thinking so if a person were to sing or touch us we would react by changing our dream. Then again, this brings me back to the question, do we control our dreams or is it subconsciously controlled? Is it possible that we are “awake” when dreaming? Or not? The possibility is there but I want to see what you think…


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