The Common Cold of Scary Movies

Ahhhhhh! Trips….falls….dies…and you know what? That’s so typical for a scary movie and it’s annoying but why exactly? Well…this approach is used for anticipation and to move the audience into being scared. Epic fail on their part…but is it? I mean you always can predict how a scary movie will begin and end but the truth is the fact that a lot of “good” movies aren’t as predictable. If you notice, scary movies have a tendacy to use high pitch sounds along with fast or slow paced music with the typical scene. This makes it evident that the feeling of anticipation or fear should be present or should make you scream, crunch up in a ball, sweat, etc. That’s probably what makes a movie “scary” and what I mean is all those typical scenes that we see are quite purposeful. The music really gets you going and the way the movie progresses tells you how its going to end. These two factors are powerful enough to form a great movie. Now all you need is that typical movie scene and BOOM! …there you go. A Scary movie is made. Now I don’t advise you to go and recreate this scene or image but I do want to see what you think and leave you with a provacative question. Are those “typical” scenes really necessary and if not what would be better?


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