A New Moon

The moon has different phasses and reflections, right? It usually changes each month 1-2 times but here’s an interesting thought…are we, the people,  the same? We typically change everyday whether its how we feel or look each and every day but we haven’t looked at it from a completely diverse and deeper aspect before. Man has been known to go through changes but what phases have WE gone through? We know technology and even life has its phases but what about us? There’s not even enough evidence to prove that we’ve evolved from something much bigger than life itself! So how can we explain this? Well…we don’t. Simply we LIVE. That’s our phase. We grow and we die. Evolution isn’t even in the picture because we’re not sure that its non or co-existant to life. So in a way we’re just like the moon…we progress continually in ageing but our “phases” are consistent also. We just don’t know exactly what the phases are, however, we do have many hypothesis’s and unanswered questions but then again…I want to see what you think. What are some other phases that we might go through and why? Does it have to do with external forces? Why or why not?


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