My “Sixth” Sense is Tingling

My Spidey sense is tingling! Oh wait…is it really that??? We all know the thing called the sixth sense. The only problem is the fact that we don’t actually “know” what it is. We think that the sixth sense is something beyond what we see like a ghost from the heavens. Some individuals even claim to have this sixth sense, but what is it truely? Well, let’s start by thinking out of the box. How about our chills that we occasionally have? Sometimes when we experience something cold we get the chills, however, this isn’t the only moment that this happens. We also get the chills when we feel that something scary is about to happen or is happening. This isn’t the only occurrence when our “sixth sense” activates but another scenario might be when we hear that sound that sounds like a Tv that just turned on in our head. Its similar to a mosquito noise. Supposedly, it happens when someone is talking about you so it acts like a warning device. Another thing is when we “know” someone is behind us. We get this really annoying feeling that we can’t shake off and we turn around very subconsciously thinking it’s weird. We don’t see anyone but we feel it. See but there are other scenarios as well. Anything else unnatural that we do or how we react could be seen as a “sixth sense”. Its amazing how many things we can see as a sixth sense but these are only hypothesises or guesses if you will but I want to see what you think… what could possibly be our sixth sense? Is it a feeling or something else?


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