The Big “Oh!”

Growing up as a child we tend to forget many things. It could be the simplest of thoughts like the name of your sibling or a thing that you did yesterday. But as we mature we see more development and we remember even as far back as when we were 6. This isn’t unusual considering the fact that our mind and brain develop so much when we are young that we can remember that much. So why is it that when our friends, family, and/or accomplices ask us such questions like, ” Where are you from?” or ” Did you walk the dog?”, must we forget and reply with that big, “Oh! I forgot?” See this is provocative because we do realize that we can’t remember everything, however, since we have selective hearing and sight, we only recall things that we like and don’t like based upon different actions. Our minds process every bit of detail every millisecond so we are able to dig deep into our brain and pull out something like what color and/or dress that someone wore Tuesday. Another example could be when an individual tells you that you’re ugly. This is where selective hearing and sight plays its role. You could either ignore this comment or, if you hear correctly, begin to become upset and remember those words and the person who said them. You chose to remember it. Some people even hear it but become distracted which leads into the thought or action being in the back of the mind and only when reminded is it brought up again. So as we can see, we remember many things or at least try to but I want to see what you think. Could it be selective hearing and sight or something else of that matter that causes us to remember or recall “things”?


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