A New Beginning

I was one of those many children back in highschool that would achieve A’s and B’s all the time. I began to grow confident in my skills and decided to take on the challenge of doing early graduation. I quickly obliterated any obstacle in my way and soon, graduated from highschool feeling so excited. I could barely contain myself. I knew college was on the way and getting my degree in something I wanted to do and be WAS my motive. Back in highschool I had alternative motives… such as wanting my dad to be proud of me, graduating with a certificate of some sort, graduating with my best friend a year ahead of me, and even for recognition that I was slowly but surely becoming a man. It was after graduation that I came to realize that my life had changed dramatically. I started to act a little differently and see a whole new world…it was the life of becoming an adult. I was treated differently and my views became corrupt. I started to brag and was really ahead of myself. As of now… I’m currently a confused Freshman in college. I struggle just as much as anyone else probably even more. I don’t know what I want anymore as I have no motive and the obstacles have become a lot harder. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy highschool but maybe I was in a rush to LIVE. As time passed by… I became aware of my goals. Deeply thinking, I thought to myself… what do I really DESIRE? What do I yearn for? With so many things happening I began doubting everything. So now I have nothing but to do the only thing that would change the ME that everyone knows, CHANGE. Thus, creating a new beginning awaiting more trials to come.


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